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Walk With Me

Early on one Sunday morning
a quiet woke me from my sleep.
A warm bright light was shining on me
and I sensed someone was going to speak.

I had no time to be afraid
not even time to understand.
I just had a need inside me
to put forth my open hand.

I extended it with wondering eyes
and tried to see who was standing there.
The hand of Jesus took hold of mine.
Breathless, like a child I stared.

Now with my eyes wide open
looking in awe and rapture still,
peace descended into my heart
from His holy power and awesome will.

"Walk with me," his voice did say
and excitedly I did reply.
"Yes my Lord, yes my Lord."
and in happiness I began to cry.

In a moment we were gone.
We were far above everything.
far above people and cars and noise,
where peace and quiet had a golden ring.

It was breaking dawn just then
and He talked to me about our walk.
He said he works in mysterious ways
and it was necessary for us to talk.

But first He wanted to show me things,
many things to make me understand;
the faith I would need to cross to heaven
and again hold onto His loving hand.

We flew like birds; without wings we flew,
through billowy clouds and morning mist.
So fast, so easy, we'd turn and glide
till we stood unseen inside a home He'd blessed.

There a little girl with a crippled hand
was playing with her toy.
When all at once her hand was well
and the entire family praised God with joy.

He then turned to me and said,
"The power you saw was very small.
Compare to the power I'm able to give
it was almost nothing at all."

And as we went on, I realized,
the morning we would spend on earth.
and afternoon we'd walk the halls
that lead man from his new rebirth.

To heaven where we would visit
to see the angels, the joy, the kingdom come
of Jesus, now close beside me, we travel on
toward evening and His setting sun.

He showed me animals. birds and plants
all from their very seed;
through birth, growth, aging and dying.
I saw the very life on nature's need.

Then we drank some nectar of honeysuckle vine
and cooled our brow in shade of Sequoia trees.
We sat and talked about the work He'd done
then we left on the midsummer breeze.

"You've seen the earth in glory, now look."
There was death moving, war, disease and pain.
I saw it all in many ways and learned
there was only One hope from the eternal flame.

My fingers clutched His hand so tight,
that He looked at me and said, :
"Fear not my son, for Lo I am with you always
even when your life's day is done."

We walked on into a valley floor
so deep, dark and frightening.
There was no sound to be heard
and in the distance I could see.

A narrow beam of light a shining,
a slender light to guide our way.
Without the least bit of swerving

He led us on our walk that day.

We came to steps and corridors.
to halls so high they were out of sight.
We walked by mountains like giants,
and strode from darkness into light.

There before me was a way
shining brighter towards heavens door.
His name is Jesus and He loves us.
His love endureth forevermore.

Though I was with Him seeing heaven
by His side, it was so great,
seeing angels and loving people ,
just beyond those waiting gates.

"I must return you to the earth
and let you do what's in your heart.
We've had our walk and I won't leave you,
from your soul I'll not depart."

Two hours later I awoke
and rose to meet another day
only to find He hadn't taken from me.
the time it took to walk our way.

So I thanked Him for one more dawning
to serve Him and praise the living memory,
of the morning when He came and said,
"Walk with Me."

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The author is from Murphy, North Carolina and writes, “I would like to share some Christian poetry. Comments would be welcome.”

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