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The Tear from the Sky

The ringing of the nail ripping through your hand
Pierces my nerves like an electric shock
Your blood-tattered skin stains my soul a permanent dye
The whip of evil brutality lashes my skin
Blood forced from your body is the scab upon my flesh
Your cries echo a speaker on high bass
Pumping in my head
Your limp beaten body flowing in the breeze
Twists my body into pretzels of guilt
Why would you go through such torture?
I can't bear to see you take my spot
For my sinful crimes
The tear from the sky pushes a wave of water of me
Cleansing me
You have built by hand my foundation
Patched my cracked walls that had water leaking through
Perfectly put a wall out of place
Watched me strip down the wallpaper
Punching out windows
Yet, you still gave the ultimate sacrifice
Mopping up the puddle of sins
Cleansing me

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The author writes, “This poem was inspired by the movie The Passion of the Christ. I was moved by this film and I felt a need to write what I was feeling, so others could feel it too without seeing the movie. This is in my opinion one of my better poems because of its meaning to me. I hope you enjoy.”