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Little Old Lady Next Door

Year of 72.

No school, my friends and I trying to find something to do.
We started throwing rocks at the birds in the trees.
Silence all around us when one fell flapping its wings.
Then that scary old lady next door
came a running like she has before.
You all should be ashamed, we just ran away.
That scary old lady next door, she's got to be around 94.
Mean and cruel as can be, why is she always watching me?

I made my way on home there she was talking to my folks.
My dad just looked on down at me,
all of a sudden I'm over his knee.
With a lot of anger inside, I cried and cried
wishing that old lady would die.
I told my friends I'll get me revenge.
Knocking on her windows and door, calling her names.
She said boy you will be sorry one day.
My momma told me so to leave that lady alone.

Now grounded for the summer time,
oh how I cried she would die,that scary old lady next door.
A week passed by while doing my chores outside.
I said to myself she's watching me.
As I turned around there she was standing her ground.
Holding a box and said it's time for us to set her free.
It was that bird flapping it's wings.

So the scary old lady next door,
didn't seem so scary anymore.
Giving me a hug I to remember being young.
While this was going on mom came out to see.
The little old lady said we did set it free.
So she invited me over one day,
to talk about her little girl days.
That smile on her face, her warm embrace.
This little old lady next door, she's not so scary anymore.

To make up for being mean I'd pick up her mail,
help her do most anything.
Then on the day of 4th of July,
I was feeling kind of empty inside, I didn't know why?
I made my way on over to mow her lawn,
I knocked and knocked she must be gone.
Something told me to open up the door,
there she was lying on the floor.

I ran over to tell my mom, she's on the floor,
that little old lady next door.
As I waited outside, silence all around me,
as the ambulance went by.

I cried and cried, never again wished anyone to die.
I remember her telling me getting old
is having wrinkles and rusty bones.
But always remember to keep the good in your heart,
then GOD will give you a home of his own.
People may have many things that comfort the eyes,
but I know now to look inside.
I still remember the way she looked at me,
especially when I see a bird flapping HER WINGS.

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This poem is based on a true story back in my little boy days. I hope you all enjoy.

                           God bless

                           Marty Henry