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An Ode to My Grandpa

Those arms that lead me through the realms of life,
Witnessing every moment the essence of strife.
Wonder, whom I am talking about?
None, but my thatha— no doubt.

The day I came to this world,
He was the one beside to hold me,
To smile and to shed tears,
Teaching me to live in the absence of fears.

Those were great days with him!
Will they ever come back?
Or will my thoughts go into the old rack?
With so many queries in my mind,
Responses for which I do not find,
He leaves behind only sweet memories
Seizing our happiness and creating worries.
Making me muse at this moment
Filled with loads of torment.

His life, so admirable and his smile, so sweet.
His style, so adorable and so simple, his attire.
In that old rubber footwear, that brown scarf,
A simple jippa and those thick glasses.
That cup of milk and that wooden ease chair.
So tender, his care, I never want to share.
Will I see all that any more?
Thoughts in my mind remain
With so much pain.

An embodiment of humility, hard work, honesty and heavenliness.
I find no adjectives to add
As it is a state too sad.
Nothing more can I list
Tightly I hold my fist,
Sensing all the sorrow
And uncertain about tomorrow…

I pray that the God be with him and his loved ones
At this occasion, as his soul departs,
Teaching us lots
To remember and to live with.

He was an achiever and a man of perfection.
Tears rolling from my eyes at this helpless occasion,
I sincerely say that this world has lost a great man,
Of whom I am an ardent fan.

My love for you, my dearest thatha
Now and forever more!!!

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