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Our Special Love

My love is far away from me.
But, him one day I hope to see.
For us to be together.
As was meant to be.

Although we have never met.
He is my biggest secret yet.
For only GOD knows of him.
I keep him hidden in my heart.
We have loved each other from the start.
HE knows the love we both share.
To one another our souls we bare.

We wait each day and sometimes weeks.
Before we have a chance to speak.
Although we have had chances to talk.
But never alone or to take a walk.
Only thinking of one another.
What it would be like to be together.

In our lives simple as we know it to be.
I want to be with him and him with me.
Our dream some day we hope to see.
But I belong to some one else and so does he.
Some day with GOD'S help we hope to be.
Living our lives with one another till eternity.

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The author is from Oklahoma and tells us “this poem tells a true story about a real life romance."

She writes, “this is a poem about a couple that met on the internet, became good friends, and fell in love. Always planning to meet but the time never was right. No one knew of him except for GOD. They both were married to other people, but were not in love with them anymore. They truly mean to meet one day with GOD's help. If not on Earth then together with Him in Heaven. I love the simple things in life; sitting by our water pond, enjoying a long ride in the country, picnics in the park and being around family and friends.