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As I walk down the street
I take a look at what I see around me
Greed, evil and poverty
Don't like what I see anymore
People just ignore me
No one is willing to lend a helping hand
Everyone is trying to be better then the last man

I watch the evil in peoples eye's
It makes me want to cry
It's not in me, to be mean
So how will I survive these times
All this crime
Kids doing time
People selling dope
People using it to cope

I don't understand
Why the world is mapped out with all these messed up
But I know I have to keep my faith straight
If I want to get into the gates
As he looks down on us
He has to be in disgust
Look at what we have become
Just a bunch of maniacs running around
Controlled by money and guns

Instead of laughing
Why don't you take the time
To soak this into your

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Jennell Taamai of San Jose, California writes, “This poem is for all the teens out on the streets. Take a peek at what
I've seen.”