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The Penguin Sonnet

The flightless bird has been forced to waddle,
an eternal frown upon its great beak
forced to walk around a mere pop bottle
always fearing the talent of a geek
its cousin the puffin laughs in its face
the penguin looks up at his flying friend
he thinks that the puffin is a disgrace
he hopes that flying's just a passing trend
the puffin just mocked to spite the large bird
no being could calm the penguins deep rage
he yelled at the puffin till he was heard
and sent the flyer to an early grave
that is how the penguins tale went by
his life still went on, though he could not fly

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Derrek Lucas of Alberta, Canada identifies with the flightless penguin. He tells us, “I feel for the penguins, they are my anchor. And I feel sorry for them. Puffins can kiss my . . . ."