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Grandma's Hug

I loved to sit on Grandma's lap.
She gave me the very best hugs.
A cuddle, a smile, and “I love you, Wouisy,”—
Four words I miss very much.

I drove, one day, with an anguished soul.
Parkinson’s disease, the neurologist said.
The future I dreamt of was now gone.
No words could calm the panic I felt.

I vowed with strength I would fight this disease,
Knowing what future could now be my own.
Three weddings I plan to dance at some day;
My granddaughters will be counting on me.

“I need a hug!” I cried out to God—
Impulsive words spurred by such pain.
A spirit appeared on the road just ahead.
I thought, “Someone was listening to me.”

Peace filled my soul as she entered the car;
Familiar arms gently pulled me near.
“I love you, Wouisy,”—words felt, not heard.
I was on Grandma’s lap once again.

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