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Mere Mortal

I am a mere mortal,
Stranded on this earth.
I wish for less of sadness,
And less the pain of birth.

I am a mere mortal,
Stranded in this place.
Save me from this anguish,
So I might see your face.

I am a mere mortal,
Free of pain by now.
Place me back among my peers,
Though I might wonder how.

I am a mere mortal,
Though my life I may have lost.
I wish to save my best friend's soul,
which I'll do at any cost.

I am no longer mortal,
In the fiery pits of Hell.
My best friend is an angel,
By law I'll never tell,
My soul I pledged to sell.

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Lauren Kenny writes from Christchurch, New Zealand, “I wrote this poem for my friend's website a number of years ago. I guess it came from the heart. It is really my favourite of all the poems that I have written.”