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Empty Pillow

Each night I brush my hair,
Spray perfume and strip down bare,
Lie upon my sheets,
Pray the lord my soul to keep.

I look beside me, empty space,
An extra pillow where he use to lay his face.
I would watch him dream when I awoke in the night
Then roll over and grab him and slightly bite.

Never wanted to miss a chance to love him,
So unsure of how long I would get to keep him
Knowing that all too soon it was going to end
I was bound to lose my new best friend.

I stare at that empty pillow,
Then turn and look at the darkness outside the bedroom window,
I'll cry myself to sleep again tonight
For I cannot replace him, I could try with all my might.

Years will pass, and time will forget
Another memory, yet even more regret
What started out ever so sensual
Will end as my beloved immortal.

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