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Unknown Self

I am talked to kindly when you're lonely
I am swept like the dust from your feet when you are happy or busy
I don’t see you anymore but I sense it over the phone
Who am I?

What do I want?
I don’t want to be talked to kindly
I want to be swept like the dust from your feet
Because that’s the only way I know you are doing fine
and “You are so welcome to treat me that way”

I never meant any harm to you
I loved you more than my own self
I am sorry if you ever believed the opposite
I pray for your success and happiness everyday

You sealed my heart
You sealed my mouth
I will never love again
I will never talk of love again

My next steps—
I will carry those treasured memories of us
In my mind, heart and soul
Until the day they will bury my body
And those memories are buried with me

So, my love
I will not feel lonely in the grave
No, I will be reliving those happy times with you
and for that I am eternally grateful to you.

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