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Infinite Feelings

What road takes your love today?
It has parted from my sight for weeks
My heart's indeed still celebrated
Sacred enchantment, the night enchains me.

How generous I would be or fortunate indeed
If I hadn't vainly looked for you in the garden
Your presence dear would drone the breeze
Never deceived for you would be there then.

And bring all enchantment in a custom path
And all your wonted word would hold the tree.
My heart parts once again, now what?
Infinite feelings stand and cling to me.

For me, once nature turns every plant green
In my eyes all flowers were pink,
The candle of your love still lighting
Upon me and high above my brain.

And 'round the clock my hope I see
The winged thing of heaven go wandering.
But what now? down low I'm sitting
Day after day with thought still weaving.


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Sadina Roselin of Rome, New York writes that her poem “conveys a deep feeling that seems to master my mind from time to time.”