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Living Day (poem 1 of 2)

From the dark dungeons of life,
From depths so far below,
Where darkness surrounds
And clenches my soul,
Where the Heavens above
Scream out loud,
"Why have thou forsaken me"?
Look at me now.

This body that you have given,
Is so weak,
So frail,
Because of you,
I walk a lonely trail
Down a never ending road,
With no light in sight,
I am blinded to my surroundings,
And the people that I like.

My heart is dead,
The blackness has settled in,
What do you want?
What do you want?
What do you want from within?
You haven taken everything
And thrown it away,
Just like a rag doll
On its last living day.
When will the pain end?
When will it go away?
Why has God forsaken me?
It feels like my last
Living day.

A New (poem 2 of 2)

As though a barrier surrounds my soul,
The languished heart would thus unfold,
Promising wishes propel my dreams,
Proof of existence, raw deal it seems,
Realistic fantasies run through my mind,
Shield me from,
All of mankind,
Show me the error of my way,
Confront the demon that has led me astray,
Console my body as a mother to her young,
Let me be reborn,
Again a son.

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