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Counting the stale days on the calendar,
Hoping you will turn out to be Cinderella
When I introduce my noble name to your first name
And tell you we were in love before I knew.

Far from being a prince, I built you palaces,
Cast fields at rainbow roses and a ring.

All in my mind while studying the calendar.
Wealthy or poor, I don’t mind the texture
Of your skin, its shade or the scar on
Your face that masks the true you beneath.

I’ll compose you a love song with the
Breeze searching the trees; the birds leading,
Silence the backdrop and I, the conductor.

When time summons the day and the calendar
Smiles at me for learning patience and yielding,
I will see you and make my intensions known.

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The author tells us he was born in Lagos, Nigeria, is a Christian, and is currently studying International Business in Kampala, Uganda.

Olutayo's works have been published in anthologies, magazines, books, E-zines and Web sites on four continents. A few have been translated to foreign languages.

Olutayo Osunsan's volume of poems, Strange Beauty, may be purchased on line at