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Three Poems

Here I Am (poem 1 of 3)

Here I am, no less alive on the outside than before,
but there is a black hole in my heart that threatens to
consume the whole of who I am and what I know.

Ahead there is a ticketmaster dispensing tickets through
this darkness and into the light.
I search my pockets and find them empty . . . I cannot pay the fare.

I wander around looking into the dark hollows of other's eyes and know they feel the same emptiness.


Lies (poem 2 of 3)

I don't know how, and I don't know why
but we can't turn this love around.

When lies and deceit are everywhere,
there is no truth to be found.

An enemy without a face or sound,
Silent killer of hopes and dreams,
A dark and ominous place where lies abound.

I turned my eyes away from these evils to spare my heart
and paid with my soul.


Reality (poem 3 of 3)

As always, after we speak I question my every thought . . . every feeling.
Peeling away the layers to get the truth.
Some distant reality wished for, but not found.

Can one moment be so long? so confusing?
How much can one heart take?
Can a heart receive and give as much pain as love?

This mystery of life unveils itself in disconnected pieces that a master of disguises disperses.

We look to the left and to the right before looking to the sky.
A single drop of water falls from the heavens and we wipe it away as a tear.


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Kathryn Baker-Brown of San Marcos Texas writes, "Some things can only be expressed through poetry or verse. I've been writing poetry all my life, in my heart and in my head. I face my true self each time I read my verses and I am constantly amazed by all that is revealed therein. I only hope that someone out there will read this and know they are not alone."

"Please share with me any response you may have, good or otherwise, regarding my submissions. I only want to share what is in my heart and know that at least one person may have been touched in some way."