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Caspian and the Loss of a Narnian Queen

Dark tower, dark night,
Stars and planets, glowing bright.
Alambil and Tavambil,
Close together, moving still.
Now the secret is revealed,
Tutor is a dwarf concealed.
True are all the stories old,
Events and times will now unfold.

Prince dashing, lightning flashing,
Boy scared, trees crashing,
Underneath the earth is he,
Voices talking quietly.
Now the secret is revealed,
Narnia is there concealed,
True are all the stories told,
Caspian must now be bold.

Old Narnia, standing fast,
Men of Telmar, all amassed.
Horn of Susan, sounds aloud,
Oh! Sweet and rending sound.
Now the power is revealed,
Monarchs finding sword and shield,
Stories of the past are true,
Peter, Susan, Ed and Lu.

Aslan Stands at Aslan's How.
Roars a mighty battle cry.
Trees and naiads all, advance,
Joining in a madding dance.
And-the evil is revealed,
Call from death, the witch concealed.
Dwarf and badger, wolf and dame,
The fight is won in Aslan's name.

Peter parries, Miraz thrusts,
Betrayal! Murder! Human lust.
Sweeping down from every slope,
Woodlands end the Telmar's hope.
Now the victr'y is revealed,
For woods and water, meadow-fields.
Feasting, dancing in the glade,
Then comes rest as noises fade.

Now the wonder is revealed,
Narnia is fully healed.
Time; for Telmarines to go,
Faith and courage-time, to show:-
Two great kings, two fine queens,
In uniforms of grey are seen.
Forward, walking into space,
Journey to the railway place.

Children sitting, engine hissing.
Hearts fallen, Narnia missing.
King Peter never to return.
Queen Susan much to learn.
Now the sadness is revealed,
Susan Narnia-love repealed.
Boyfriends, cars and fashion clothes,
Take her heart, and mind, and soul.


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David Dee writes, “The Narnia books have inspired generations of boys and girls, and I have wonderful memories of reading them for the first time as a child. The most disturbing part of the books is the 'Queen Susan Question.' Having once known the joy of Aslan, can she still be lost from his presence”?