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Untitled (a poem about addiction)

I feel the injection which pierces the skin,
So smooth and defiant it drags me within.
If not very careful I'm caught in its snare,
Yet trapped by illusion, I've taken its dare.

The game was so simple I played by its rules,
But even a scholar gets tricked by the fools.
It's bite becomes poison I sense the attack,
But it's so hard to run with its claws in my back.

So I struggle and kick every torturous day,
As it talks to me gently and begs me to stay.
But I know without question, it's time that I fly.
Who knows if I'll make it, at least I must try.

And it's ever beside me, still calling my name.
So I'll try to ignore it and bury the shame.
But it's very persistent on how I should choose,
It says I can win, when I know that I'll lose.

So for now it's my shadow, that mimics my own.
And from this angel once cherished, a monster has grown.

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