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Rainbows (Poem 1 of 3)

Rainbows represent promises.
Rainbows have many colors.
There are two types of rainbows.
God created both.
Both have to do with colors,
But one has to do with people.
God made all of us, but different colors.
But that doesn't make us different.
So look around at the assortment of colors,
And enjoy the beautiful colors.
We have to come together
To make the beautiful colors one rainbow.

I Can't Explain (Poem 2 of 3)

I can't explain what I feel,
but I feel it for you.
I can't explain it in words.
But who can, not even the great poets could.
I can't explain it to you, you wouldn't understand.
I can't explain to myself why.
I can't explain why this hasen't gone away.
I can't explain how much it hurts.
I can't explain why I hurt him.
I can't explain my motives.
I can't explain anything about this.
I can't explain it.

We Never (Poem 3 of 3)

We never kissed.
We never went too far.
We never went up to the point of too far.
We never did anything, but we did hold hands.
We never went on dates just us.
We never were alone.
We never told each other when we were mad.
We never told each other what was bugging us about the other.
We never talked about our past or our experiences.
We never really got to talk about the important stuff.
We never gave it time to get to know each other.
But, then why do I feel so close to you.

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