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Oh Greece How Wonderful Are You!

Oh Greece, I'm often lost in wonder
As a classicist I learn
You produced the greatest sculptors
You produced the greatest architects and philosophers
That the world has ever known
Even today there are none to equal you
How was this possible?

Your sages instituted holidays
The purest and most beautiful girls
Danced through the streets
Clothed in a single transparent veil
Your men watching them were lost in wonder
And admiration at their grace and beauty
They were lost in awe at the subtlety of their movements
And gestures; this wonder, this energy built up
Within your people and surged up to their brain
And manifested itself later
In the form of wonderful creations

Nay the people of the postmodernists
Know only pornography, sex, inordinate desire
Drunkenness, debauchery and everything subterranean.
And their art is only its result.


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Mejame Ejede Charley writes, “The Greek culture is yet superior to our modern culture. Why? According to Heidegger, the genuine sage, despite our scientific and technological progress, we are still backward. We are not yet enlightened. I am in no way saying that we should return to ancient times. Human beings are terrible creatures; they are not yet evolved. I venerate Heidegger's fire of genius, 'we are too late for the gods and too early for being.'”