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Here Here

Give me a moment to think about the time
I've wasted at bus stops,
the hours I've spent in museums
lingering before dusty, incomplete displays,
the afternoons I've exhausted sitting on park benches
contemplating trees.

While I've been as such engaged
(or disengaged),
people have approached me,
begged money,
offered to hump me for a fee,
told me the latest in Revelations theory.

Allow me a moment to mutter something
or at least provocative about
this past of mine,
this destiny I live.

That's enough.
Go on,
go on,
on second thought
say nothing about yourself;
make silent libation to all-pervasive lassitude
and, when your time comes,
rest in peace.

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"I work. I travel. Once in a great while I fall in love. The last never works out well."

    James Lannan