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I Never Knew You, But I Still Cry

You had your seat belt on and you were the only one to.
Craig was drunk and still was driving
Just got his drivers license back and his mom just died.
All that he had left of her was that car.
Linda and me could have been near when he was drunk,
But I knew something was wrong when Linda told me, she said Kayanna,
Brad is in the hospital because he made the wrong decision.
We could have been lying in a hospital bed if we called him and said come pick us up
And we'll hang out and we'll sneak out.
Good thing we didn't call
Because we would have seen that drinking and driving never pays even when you’re safe.

It’s 9:46 and I am writing a poem and I cry and cry for someone I don't even know.
About 7 hours ago I got a call for Linda and she was crying
I said what is wrong honey
She was so scared, nothing to say but there was . . . was that he is dead.
I got tears in my eyes with a pain saying to myself it is OK.
Life is getting hard
No one to trust, everyone is turning into rust.
I never met Brad and I wish I did if he could have lived.
I am sitting here crying knowing that our sweet world is dying, lost in pain.
I can't explain my pain for the love I have for you all even not knowing how cool you are.
It was 2 a.m. Friday night I was at Linda’s house and they were out, it was road rage.
He was drunk and driving and he was riding his tail
Trying to pass their car without a kick in his review mirror glass.
He was lost and confused not knowing what to do
Craig tried to pass and the guy hit the side of the car making it to flip over 3 times.
Brad is stuck, the girls flew out.
He died today with nothing to say but what is my name
He died and it hurt me so to know that he would go.
Just to know that he wants us to know that he knows that we all love him so and that he is in our prayers.
That his life would change, his life did change.
He died; his graduation was on Saturday the day after he was life flighted.
He was unable to go to his own graduation.
I love him so and I really didn't want him to go.
It hurts Linda more than it hurts me and I know how it feels
My cousin killed his wife over drugs
I do know how it feels and I still cry sometimes.
Brad had a good future, a good life.
It was destroyed because of alcohol.
For all you who drink or do drugs, don't ‘cause you could have been Brad
I never knew him but I still do cry.


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