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Everlasting Tranquility

In the depths of tranquility, the sun clearly shines
As the branches of truth bend and unwind
And aged experience marks its face
A mystery to tourists unfamiliar to the place
With remnants of once before carved in the oak
Leaving blossoming lilacs that to the humming awoke
Wind rustles the leaves, dragging wisdom across plains
Reaching humble hearts and calling out their names
As whispers of silence breathe life into the air
Suffocating the darkness whose fruit is despair
Time lurks in the shadows, cast forth by patience
And not a dream is poisoned by high maintenance
For simplicity trickles into nearby streams
And words spoken mean just what they seem
When nighttime falls and the clouds bid farewell
The stars make their entrance revealing what fog couldn't tell
And the deep blues of the sky protect the serene
Yielding off persecutors, letting minds be redeemed
Where justice and freedom are nurtured to youth
While all of creation establishes belief without proof
And sings harmonically in heavenly chords
Praising its inhabitant: our perpetual Lord


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Jennie Holmstrom of Crawfordsville, Indiana writes, “Poetry is something that I discovered when I was in the sixth grade, and since then it has truly helped save my life. Poetry is truly something that has touched my soul, and I long to spread it to others. Thank you so much for giving me the ability to post on the net!"