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Zarathustra's Quest for the Source

Nietzsche, the genuine sage, awakens us
From our dogmatic schlummer*, he beckons the somnambulous**
To a critical self-examination; his Zarathustra
Is one whom something has evolved within.
He enters the world of silence to review his life,
To reflect and learn from experience.

This silence is not emptiness, not nothingness,
It's the presence of creation and activity.
It's a higher degree of life; he thinks life does not
Consist of hostility, worries and misunderstandings
For this is a very inferior level of life.
He understands he himself has a lot to do
To savour the beauty of life; describes what
He has perceived and prescribes rules to man.
''I teach but the superman.''
Zarathustra is a microcosmic reflection of the macrocosmos,
A repository of the memory of the world,
The archives of the universe.
He knows how to use his thought to understand and act.
''Man is something that should be overcome.''

He goes to a journey, the quest for silence.
He brings back gifts to those he loves, mankind
A purer, more harmonious, more poetic life.
''The superman is the meaning of the earth.''
''I entreat you my brothers remain true to the earth.''
This sage knows man is a polluted river.
Indeed this river has all along been polluted as it flows;
Everybody pours their resentment into it,
Everybody pours their anger and evil desires into it,
Life is coloured, polluted as it flows as it flows.
The herd says what do you expect?
There's nothing you can do about it.
''That's life!''
What life is this?
The life of a toad or a wild boar?
The life of a crocodile?

We're beggars foraging through the rubbish bins of the rich.
We're reduced to hunting for a few crusts, fleetings thrown
Out by them; we're full of spite, lust, our own base desires.
We've taken our place among the destitute,
We've sank down to the lower reaches of life.

The meager scraps that satisfy the masses are never enough
For Zarathustra; he teaches that nothing is eternal
Humans are born, grow up, get old and die.
They make way for others, they all follow the same pattern,
They give the special gifts and treasures they have
And then fade away; they have to go for a rest, after a time
They reappear and produce new treasures.
A period of rapid growth, widespread influence,
They reach their peak, crystallize, and lose the key to life.
That eternal recurrence of Nietzsche, of Zarathustra,
Which Philosophers, artists, have longed to know
But which has escaped their ken, is more than the spirit
That incarnates continually in new forms.
The indestructible, eternal principle,
Eternal recurrence is life that's a wellspring,
A perpetual outpouring, in constant need of new forms
Through which to express itself,
Its life itself breaking up the old forms.

Zarathustra's superman is one of the yet hidden world
Who will overturn and shatter all the old values,
Values humans thought eternal.
Religious values have ceased to endure, they don't renew
Themselves; the Christian God is dead, the church never
Renews itself; Man continues to perpetuate old values.
He has obliged Zarathustra to come and smash them to pieces.
He smashes them to set them free
This is love, not cruelty
Zarathustra's love that obliges man to advance.

To this genuine sage, man's mission is to work in the world
Cultivate it that it may become a beautiful garden
Of flowers and fruits; he teaches man to work hard
Overcome obstacles, win victories.
In this man needs strength and perseverance,
Zarathustra kills the eternal God
To wipe away man being conscious of his limitations.
He tells mankind its mission is to grow, and develop
To grow and develop until it reaches final perfection,
To improve itself, work at its own evolution,
''You have made your way from worm to man, and much of you
Is still worm; once you were apes, and even now man is still
More of an ape than any ape.''
The unum neccessarium is not to move upward, but downward;
Man should bring the upward downward.
This cry of Jesus' prayer
''what can be loved in man is that he is a going-across and
A down-going.''
Zarathustra knows wisdom consists in knowing how long
To keep things, and when to let these things go.
The buildings our ancestors built were magnificent
For that era; the time has now come when it's worn out
It must be torn down, another one built in its place.
We must die to the old form and adopt the new.

Man must harbour noble thoughts and feelings,
Must follow the way of the river bed
Must follow the spring
Must understand, love and accomplish
This is the way, the truth, the life.


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*schlummerÂľGerman word for slumber


The author writes that his poem is “based on the acknowledgement of Nietzsche's teaching and the solution to human anguish exploited by Christianity and other religions that preach otherworldliness. As sages like Jesus Christ preached to mankind, Christianity has often had the tendency of reversing the teaching of Jesus Christ, which Nietzsche understood very well. What is the meaning of his prayer to his father 'let thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven,' and 'except ye die ye shall not live'? Christianity has often distorted the meaning of this prayer. After all no religion is pure and often borrows from philosophies that enjoin man to leave the world.”