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A Fake Portrait

You hung a portrait of me on your wall
You put it high, standing tall.

Look at it the way you did before
Do you see me at all anymore?

If not who is it that you see?
Someone else? another me?

Why didn't you ever look before?
You don't know me at all anymore.

I told you this would happen, you never seemed to agree
So this is what you get, I'm sorry it had to be.

Now rip up that portrait you have of me
For that is not the same person you used to see.

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Sara Ogden of Buena Park, California writes, “This poem is basically about the way someone used to see me and how over time that image changed and the other person never seemed to notice. I wrote this because I felt like that person never really noticed me, more like the person he wanted me to be, and I felt this would be a way to let that resentment out.”