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Off to See the Wizard

They say that nothing lasts forever,
And neither shall you or I.
From this earth, myself I sever,
But no one needs to cry.
I’ll travel down the yellow brick road,
Leaving all my world behind me.
Where He dwells I’ll make abode,
And rise above the bourgeoisie.
Should someone ask you where I’ve gone,
Tell them “I’m off to see the Wizard”,
On a journey to a place unknown,
For what I’ll call “an extended visit.”
To all I love I say goodbye,
For I’ve lost the will to live.
And as my departure draws nigh,
A final thought¾ I gave to all, all that I could give.

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The author informs us that this poem was "written during a period of depression over life's circumstances. Writing about how you feel somehow helps!"