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No More Hungry Children

No more hungry children.
It was a bad dream that woke me
around 1:30 AM feeling kind of cloudy within.
My stomach growled with hunger inside
yum milk and cookies sounded mighty fine.
with my milk and cookies watching TV
skipping through the channels
something stopped me at channel sixteen.
Little children with flies on their face,
my stomach full of disgrace.
Their fears. Their tears.
Sleeping on streets of stone,
no place to go or to call home.
With my milk and cookies by my side,
Now I truly feel sick and empty inside.
I said to myself why do I complain?
look at their tears and pain.
I know I can't save all the homeless and hungry people
in the world, but when I look at these little boys and girls.
It made a change in my heart,
breaking some of my bad habits is a start.
No I'm not rich with a big house, fancy chandeleirs.
But I can at least reach out to wipe some of their tears.
I pray to GOD in good grace to take away their pain,
and flies upon their face.
Maybe some day they to can have milk cookies and watch TV.

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