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Untitled (“Tears Flow Down”)

Tears flow down her flushed cheeks like a cold night's rain.
She's been hurt again, its all the same.
Her glazed big blue eyes look up to the stars wishing he was there.
Her head full of what he's said, wondering how much of it is true.
She closes her eyes and thoughts drown her head.
She tries to move but all is numb.
Her body doesn't know how to react to so much pain.
The sky becomes dark and sharp rain begins to fall,
Almost as if it were knives cutting and piercing her delicate skin.
She looks down and blood is everywhere.
Shaking, she tries to swear it's her imagination again.
Only leaving her to look again and see more crimson red staining her body.
The pain is almost equal to that of her broken heart.
She struggles to move but is weighed down by her cold throbbing body.
She begins to scream, using all the strength she has left.
All she hears is her voice echoing back at her through the trashed dark valley.
Her cold body begins to tremble and shake.
A familiar voice calls her name.
Struggling to open her eyes, she realizes she is now in his arms.
“It'll be okay,”he whispers.“You'll be all right.”

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