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Eternal Love Begins

You are everything to me
Without you, where would I be?

You chased away my fears
You wiped away all my tears

My heart is now free to fly
Your sweet love brings tears of joy to my eyes

You supported me when times were tough
For all that you have done, I cannot thank you enough

Forever you shall be my husband, my friend, my soulmate
Now I believe in our destiny and fate

I will do anything and everything for you
Please know that each word I say is true

Just as the ocean is held up by the sand
My heart will always remain in your hand

Continue to embrace my life with all the love you can give
Your love is the only reason for which I live

My dearest Navra, each day I love you more
Now it doesnt matter what has happend before

I will now wait till we meet again
Now I know that eternal love doesnt end, it only begins


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