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This Morning the Sun Shares

This morning the sun shares the dawn
With the same space and spring
Spread between hearts beating in unison
Spelling the dreams of dream of a poem
A poem that paints all that are within

This morning sunshine fell on me
And called my name in a soft whisper
I opened my eyes and touched the warmth
That is shared between a space and spring touched by you
While you sleep like a rose wrapped in silk

This morning the English rose red and mute
Looks at you when your heart beats away so peacefully
Are you dreaming of clouds and olive green in the rain?
I wish I was that English Rose in your room
Looking at you my eyes raining adoration to your cheeks

This morning I wake up a happy but lonelier man
Yet I felt the sun sharing the space and spring
With you in touch and in the presence of English rose
That I send to you with my welcome home note
Today I send the nectar of love with embroidered lights of the spring


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