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I Give You

I give you a rainbow ribbon
To tie your sun kissed hair
Silky soft wind blown warm
In spring and in summer

I give you warmth that I hold for you in my breath
Treasured by my heart for the winter
And the festival of colours that consumes me
Watered by my dreams for autumn

I give you magic out of my soul to keep
Between your touchstone thumb and finger
That hold your pen and knit poetic landscapes
So that colours and music infuse life before your eyes

I give you winds of springs and sounds of silence
Rhythmic speed beating as ecstasy in entwined bodies
Heavens go dancing joys that lay bare before eyes
Sensations wrapped in sweat and beats and thrills

I give you a place where lights dance in darkness
Music puts out scarlet portraits in a cosmic theatre
This is where eternal springs up as dew wet spring grass
Life goes fluttering by with the wind and the butterflies

I giver you rain and tropical downpours of fluid warmth
That give you magic to grow a garden in the desert
Nurture the green in the olive tree in the scarlet dusk
And tea cup full of Arabic scents and stories in aromas

I give you starry nights and their melodies and dreams
A voyage to the cosmic space with white and purple
In your mind there blossom yellow roses as you dream
There on your scarlet cheek a map of kisses painted

I give you a snowy field in winter to play with snowballs
On the tongues they touch sensuality's heat in melting pose
You fall in white while smile sparkles eternal diamond's envy
Your face brightens in rosy cheeks that touch mine in magical bliss

Most of all I give you something all together unusual
I give you a bleeding heart watering wounded dreams
To keep near your you-scented pillows while you paint your songs
I give you a bruised butterfly in need of your tender care


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