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Behind the Yellow Rose

Beaten, battered, and verbally abused, with her four children she fled.
For if she stayed, she’d come to harm, or maybe she’d end up dead.
He never saw her as his equal or thought of her as his best friend.
So fifteen years of “so called” marriage comes to a sudden and abrupt end.

He tattooed on his arm a yellow rose and his daughter’s name.
Did he place them there to show his love or merely mask his shame?
The yellow rose, it’s her favorite, this she concedes, but nonetheless
This frail attempt to say he’s sorry, to her, does not impress.

She’s moved on now, with no regrets, and so too has he.
Her dreams of bliss and harmony, never to be.
The children’s time and affection, she’s been ordered now to share.
Her escape from his control is not so complete, and this causes her such despair.

She’s on her own now, desperately trying to find her way,
Struggling, day by day, to make ends meet, with all those bills to pay.
Alone and confused she tries to make the best of her life.
Angry and bitter, she’s vowed to be, no man’s wife.

As for him, he’s remarried - to him it’s just a game.
And one thing that’s for certain, he will treat her the same.
He’ll say I’m sorry for what I’ve done, it won’t happen again,
But it’s a sickness in which he must indulge, he cannot abstain.

For her well being, I do fear and also for those around him.
For in due time, the monster within, will surely awaken to harm them.
With all this said, I sit here wondering if she knows
The terrible things he hides behind the yellow rose?


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