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Mr. Modern Time

When I look at the eyes of Mr. Modern Time
I see a doubt so devastating in him.
He's compelled to choose, but doesn't know how.
He's an erring extravagant traveler,
He wanders about with an empty heart,
There's no star of Bethlehem to guide him,
His own God is dead.

Nay, his new gods are now
Liberalism, existentialism, humanism
And God knows not what;
All of them aim at having man.
Heidegger the genuine sage
Beckons man to guard against "isms."
Man must be spiritually armed,
He must know his enemies.

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Mr. Charley writes that he was born in Cameroon and has taught at various universities in Cameroon and Gabon. He tells us that he is presently a visiting professor at the University of South Africa and the University of North-West in South Africa.