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Golden Flyers of Eternal Spring

The moment’s eternity smiled
As if destiny portrayed in your eyes
Destiny that was mine
Which was to be ours soon

That evening was breezy and warm
Although it was autumn
The leaves on the trees looked like
Golden flyers of eternal spring

Because the time knew you would come
In my mind the time’s geography changed
With the touch of colours that was expectations
And they weren’t failed at all that evening

Not knowing whether to say or touch
Or feel the feeling too much in one
I did see the horizon inviting
Towards the beginning of the dream,

You did come as if to say
That was how easy it was
That was how natural and straight
We talked in a way a poetic discourse

Understanding the tunes and tones and mini-tones
Of the conversations went through the ether
Did they get to your heart?
Or was mine electrified by the essence that you had brought?

Each moment seemed drunk quickly deep
Which was full of what? I do not know
But I recall or do not let it be reached by oblivion
Each moment was full with the juice of summer’s springs

Indeed I saw and touched and felt the warmth
I saw you the way I only could
The way a farmer sees the moon
Through the branches of the trees in a moonlit night
I touched the presence of your soul
And I felt the eloquence of your mind

Time passed while the hearts got tuned
Without any medication or engineering
You touched me deep where a dream was born
You lifted something in me that was to be my home soon

Talk and listen we did a lot
As if that’s what there was to be done
Time got drunk by our desert hearts
Getting ready to water a garden blooming with green

The garden that was Eden alone
Came to visit my flat and the park
The very trifling part by the horrible railway line
Seemed majestic green filled with dew of the past night’s frost

Life seemed something of a rhythmic exercise
Standing on the balcony of the flat side by side
Heart beats mingled together in the intimate air
Looks in our eyes had a language of their own

As soon we had a language that no one understood
There was that song I had the tune for
That was the song for you to sing
A very special tune for you to mime

A time of our own when ours was the world
As if it was a vase full with our roses blossomed in our dreams
And we looked at the vase and the roses
Oh how we tasted the scent in the air

Touching your hands meant I was reaching the realm
Where I could only be amazed by the beauty of butterflies
Where I could only be entertained by the rhythm of passing springs
Where I could only be happy to call out your name for no reason at all

You looked at me as if to say you could see inside
And to mean you could understand me
Which was like a sudden urge to run wild
And I looked through your transparency


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