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An Ode to Mother Nature

When the loneliness stings me
In the air of defeated relationships,
When there’s no one to talk
No one to stand beside me,
It’s you
Oh! Mother nature
To be in communion with
The vast expanse of sky
Dabbing my tears,
The rhythmic reverberating roars of rivers
Subsiding my incessant sobs,
The stars winking
Sharing knowing smiles,
The birds talking amicably
In their chirps,
The winds hugging me
Soothing my injured soul,
The trees whispering consolations
In my ears
Shadowing from all the sadness
And the desperation,
Beams of sunlight making me
Glow with warmth,
When the worst confrontation comes
And along comes fascination of
destroying the mortal self,
It’s you
Showering life and benevolence;
Oh! Mother nature
You make me live.


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