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New Poems Added to the Site

William Wordsworth has placed nature over human study in Tables Turned. "We murder to dissect." This poem is recommended by Lee Evans. See New Poems by Our Readers for his poem.

Alexander Pope, author of the satirical “The Rape of the Lock,” brings his trademark sharp humor to this poem from “An Essay on Man.”

James Weldon Johnson—Lift Every Voice and Sing. Posted in remembrance of the Martin Luther King holiday. You can read about the poem and song at Wikipedia.

William Ernest Henley proclaims mastery of fate in Invictus.

Robert Louis Stevenson"Hail! Childish Slaves of Social Rules". A poem celebrating the independent spirit from the popular author of Treasure Island and The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

Kahlil Gibran—A Tear and a Smile. A very beautiful poem about life from the author of The Prophet, one of the best selling books of the 20th century.

Stephen Crane (the author of The Red Badge of Courage)—Three Short Poems. Crane specialized in short poems with a punch. Here are three of them.

Alfred Lord Tennyson—Tears, Idle Tears. Tennyson richly laments the days that are no more.

Sir Walter Scott—Breathes There The Man. Scott stresses the importance of attachment to our native lands.

Vachel Lindsay—Abraham Lincoln Walks at Midnight. Lindsay worries about Lincoln's legacy given the state of the world.

A. E. Housman—Loveliest of trees, the cherry now. . .. Housman muses about his connection to the beauty of nature in this short poem.

Also, the editor's article, The Brave Russian Poets, tells the tale of the struggle of three Russian poets, who are among the greatest of world poetry. The article includes some superb poems by these masters.






New Poems From Our Readers

Dominque,who sent her first poem at age 11, has Cartoons at age 21 that reveals that growingup is not easy.

Luther Seahand from San Diego, California infuses his poem Gentle Dreams with with peaceful power of nature. Another nature poem from our temperate San Diego poet is Winter.

Sumira Ramzan, a computer sysyems engineer from Karachi, Pakistan aspires to poetry and has submitted Walk a while with me, My People, and My Own Creation.

Lee Evans from Bath Maine has submitted a poem, Forgive and Forget, and one of his favorite poems is Tables Turned by William Wordsworth, which students stuck in their rooms studying might like.

Sona Rajput writes from Jammu, India about the changing nature of Responsibility within families.

Bill Lindenmuth has sent an inspirational poem and has found reasons to Rejoice.

Divyashree Shanbhag (Divya) first submitted a poem to this site when she was nine. Her new one, No School Today, is a humorous poem about the excuses used for skipping school.

Ian Blackwood from Mount Airy, Maryland is 16 and plans to become a park ranger, which is refelected in this poem in a natural setting, Windy Hills.

Barbara Kelsey whose magical poem, The Stolen Smile, helped get started with quality many years ago has honored us with another fine poem, They Will Not Come Back.

Deanna Julbe tries the difficult conversation with a beloved in What's In Your Mind.

Dominque expresses the young person's desire to be free in Mama, I Wanna Go Surfing.